Long Lives With Type 1

In 2008 I saw a request by the Diabetes Forecast magazine for T1D’s who had lived with their diabetes for 60 or more years. I applied, and a professional photographer was sent to my house. He took several pictures in August of that year. The magazine celebrated its 60’th anniversary in October, and an article appeared telling about the lives of eleven long term T1D’s. My story is included in the article. There are two other articles mentioned at the bottom of the page. You can click on them for additional material. One of the additional articles discusses the Joslin Medalist Study, which was begun in 2005. I participated in the study in 2009. Almost 1000 medalists have been included in the study now. An attempt is being made to determine what factors exist that have enabled so many T1D’s to live long lives (50+ years) without any serious diabetes related complications.


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